Jan de Quelery

Jan de Quelery is known for his productions of historically accurate and highly detailed paintings of tall ships.
His maritime work shows a contrast between the thight detailed painting in portraying a vessel, and the need for free impressionist techniques to convey mass, movement, surface and the translucence of the sea.

Jan de Quelery was born in the year 1957, within the direct vicinity of the Dutch seaport of Vlissingen. It is an old town with a wealthy nautical history dating back to the year 620. The young Jan had every opportunity to indulge in his passion fors hips and for the sea. He expressed his maritime fascination by drawing numerous sketches of the ships in and around the seaport.
He appeared to be highly gifted in the art of painting. Aside from his yob at a local shipyard, he spent his apprenticeship in commercial art studios in Holland . Soon after, his First oil paintings started to become available to the public.

In the late nineteen eighties, Jan moved to New Zealand where he started his First watercolors. In 1989, having returned to his hometown of Vlissingen, he made a full-time commitment to painting and nautical research that concentrated on historical subjects and ships, usually in a stiff breeze and high sea. He also published illustrations in leading European maritime magazines on a regular basis.

Jan’s work has been exhibited in several European countries, New Zealand and US.
His work has been displayed in exhibitions organized by galleries, museums and international sail events.

It can be said that Jan de Quelery has masterd and carried on the famous Dutch tradition of maritime painting.