About Us

Dokmar is a maritime publisher. Dokmar books and digital products have been written-made and are composed in close cooperation with persons and companies closely involved in the national and international maritime sector. Therefore the books are eminently suitable as textbooks and works of reference for students, seafarers and persons employed in the maritime sector. The lucid way in which the books are stylistically devised and composed, makes them quite suitable for a variety of levels and the various types of training and education. For certain types of training and education the books may contain sufficient information to cover the complete field of interest. For other types of training the books may be used as introduction or as works of reference.

Guarding Quality

Dokmar books are updated on a regular basis. Shortcomings are castigated, obsolete information is removed and new developments are added. To maintain the quality of the books at its high level, contributions by users are indispensable. It is for Dokmar of utmost importance that teaching staff as well as students send us their comments and remarks concerning our books regarding readability, choice of subjects, level (in relationship to education) and number of photos and drawings etc.

Contributing to books

Providing us with fresh information, questions (multiple choice) or assignments with answers is highly appreciated by us. Should these assignments and or information have the proper level and be of added value to the books, they will be rewarded by Dokmar. In particular Dokmar appreciates receiving knowledge gained during a sea training phase. Visual images (static or moving) to support a subject are highly welcome. For information mail: info@dokmar.com

Relevant commentary and remarks

Any person adding relevant, clear and eminently readable textual remarks to his or her copy of a Dokmar book and sending it back, will receive a new, free copy. It stands to reason that the remarks must be useful for future editions. For questions please contact Dokmar: info@dokmar.com


A school, university or group of students ordering more books in one delivery, is entitled to discount. For information, please contact us: info@dokmar.com